The Halogeometricum borinquense Genome



Gene HBOR1931 in replicon chromosome

Number of genes in this neighborhood: genes
Gene ID Name Size (bp) Annotation
19280Hbor_19280603phosphatidylglycerophosphate synthase( EC: )
19290Hbor_19290516predicted nucleoside kinase, CMP and AMP kinase- like
19300Hbor_193001092histidinol phosphate aminotransferase apoenzyme( EC: )
19310Hbor_19310957ABC-type tungstate transport system, permease component
19320Hbor_193201617choline dehydrogenase-like flavoprotein
19330Hbor_19330612hypothetical protein
19340Hbor_19340387Protein of unknown function (DUF1648)
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